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The Cultural War against Islam

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By: Zuhair Salim

 The capitalist West who achieved victory in the Second World War is still holding on its unity, and holding on its right to color the world with its own color. The concept of coloring the world is beyond the concept of controlling the world, possessing its wealth, then to transform its countries into subordinate states to the victorious countries, considering the leaders of these countries subordinate recruited governors under the command, and to classify the other nations to humans of the second and third or even the seventh class, according to classification rules that might not be more cruel than those declared by the Aryan Nazi Rudolf Hitler.

 On the cultural level, Islam concerns the belief, the law, and both Western political and educational way of life. Westerner considers that the greatest world religions, according to the number of followers, are four: Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. As for Confucianism and Hinduism; they have surrendered since an early time. They did not have the resisting spirit against the Western project in its educational and social dimensions, neither on the individual nor on the collective level. Today China and India are market competitors according to market law. As for Christianity; the Westerners have formed it as they like. They have overturned the religious pyramid, for; in the world of Christianity, politicians and economists legislate, and clergymen carry out, not vice versa. As for Islam it is still intractable!!! You might see an illiterate Muslim in his tatters and hunger looking askance at the Westerner in Afghanistan Mountains , nothing appeals to him in this Westerner. And sees himself even bigger not only than the West arms: its warplane and missiles, but also its fast meals, loud music, colored movies, and its soft clothes. West has a problem in the Islamic world. A problem that cannot be solved by warplanes, warships, nor armed soldiers…

 The Westerners remembers their own experiences when they decided to eliminate each other after their victory in the Second World War. On the day when Communist/Stalinist, was considered as a derivative of Nazis, and the West decided to eliminate this derivative. It is true that military battles took place in many parts of the world between (Western democracy) and the (Soviet communism); in Vietnam, the Middle East, and some Latin American countries in the form of reciprocal revolutions; however, the most prominent axis of the conflict was the Cold War in which days we lived, and despite their declaration of (neutral positive) slogan; our countries were part of its theater.

 The victory of the Western democracy over communism in the field of cold war in its different domains is considered a lesson and an example that strategists of the West recall in their ignition of the war against Islam, with significant strategic differences that distinguishes the reality of the Soviets from that of Muslims. The most prominent of these differences is that Muslims today are floating forces that do not have an official authority to adapt their case. Islam is a vacated castle its protectors have left it. There is no Muslim state that would adopt, consciously and with insight, the confrontation of the Western project and to resist it, or embrace the Islamic project and to defend it.

 Muslims are sundries of groups, thoughts, and calls. They lack the kit and equipment, and lost strategy and mechanism, while the West and its governors in the Islamic country all the techniques of contemporary means of persuasion and intimidation, beautification and deformation, confrontation and infiltration, and the recruitment of troops, and penetration. Most members of Muslim communities are still in semi-coma of what is meant to them. Some people believe that this coma is kind of fortress and shield, as when the throats of actors neigh on the stage to propagate the West project, or when the palms of the audience applaud warmly, at that time the rest of the people in our world would be thinking seriously: how they would be able of managing the food of the children tomorrow, the gas tube, or the price of school books.

 In fact, the belief that total or partial coma is fort, shield, and salvation, and that; the carelessness lived by most members of this illiterate nation, makes the others cunning in vain, is false and dangerous belief, especially now that the process of destruction and instruction is done now using more modern tools. These tools are presenting the poisoned chewed bite, not by an idea or a book but by the bridge of interesting pleasure in the plot of the dramatic or emotional series, TV movie, or speaking (picture) of commercial or political propaganda.

 Also, believing that we can win this war against us using our primitive traditional methods which we have got used to: our instructional discourse, our warning language, our attitudes that align to the name or form rather than to content and core, and our inability to recognize the scale of development that affected human life! is mere illusions. Indeed, this belief would assist others against us, and they are going to siege us in the corners of deficit and abandonment...

 Moreover, insisting on negative attitudes that condemn the use of modern tools of in all forms: scientific, cultural, artistic and technical; means in summary going to modern war with a sword no matter how good and sharp it is. Or on a horse according to the Say of Prophet Mohammed PBUH “The good is tied to horses’ foreheads till the Day of Resurrection”. For the great project of Islam it is destructive to still stick to the literal meaning rather than its indications.

 Allah has bestowed upon this nation great wealth and blessings not to be occupied with propagation and compete for the small luggage, or to engage in little conflicts of ethnic or sectarian levels, but to ask it tomorrow about what it provided to support this religion.

 When we are going to come through this study to the means of the Westerners in their war against Islam, we do not find any barrier stands between us and facing their weapons by weapons, and their method by ours, and their approach by ours. Cultural war is not a war of intercontinental missiles, which we do not own; neither is it a nuclear war that we cannot find our way to it, it is even more dangerous, more effective, and more destructive. It is rather the war of volition, thought, and coaxing in communication, and it is a cumulative war its results would not be shown in one day, but it is a war of centuries and generations.

 Islam in which we believe refuses to be cornered in the dock; moreover, it is always in the position of conspicuousness that its bearers should go forward not only to defend it but also to call for it. That is the meaning of Jihad in this decade.

At this time, man does not mention how many of his enemies he has killed, instead he talks about how many men of them he has gained and guided, since it is in Islam (as Prophet Mohammed said) if you guided one person to Islam then it is better for you than whatever else in this world.

 In such war as this we are talking about now, Islam misses its soldiers, misses its sons who are assigned to defend and spread it by admonition and announcing the good. Islam also complains of some of its people who chose to walk randomly in this world, some of Muslim people today desert their religion in time of need and others give the enemies of Islam the a pretext and brings to their nation the harm without any consideration of the consequences.

 In such war, men, women, young, and old people are to be alerted, each according to the knowledge and effort to fulfill their duty in searching for an aperture to defend using all the contemporary legal and serious available means.

 Such war can be fought in a context of collective cooperative, and this is the most blessed and affective way. Or it can be fought in an individual framework by which Muslim do the best from the window from which he overlooks to his people or to the world by the good word, or creative achievement, and by getting nearer with steps on the bridge of Islam humanity, universality, strength and durability of values.

Between the feelings of trust that Islam castle is stronger, its rock is more remaining and its matter is the most progressing, and the duty of Muslim to prepare at this time to perform his role and to stand ahead his aperture in the battle of: attitude and word, truth, achievement, creativity, the establishment of the argument, to clarify the image, revealing the false, and the emphasis on the values of the right , justice, and the base of brotherhood, solidarity, compassion, communication, and purity..

 The attitude of Islam in defending itself is not a nihilist rejection to any kind of in commons. Muslims have their divine standers to distinguish between right and false, evil and good beautiful and ugly, and on this basis they can accept and reject, they can disconnect and particularize and generalize to invest all the good and beautiful in building communities and pushing their renaissance project forward.


*Director of The Arab Orient Center



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